Potato Soup Recipes: All the Info You Need About Potato Soup

Potato Soup recipes for some are a gift from heaven. Economic, easy to do and versatile in the so many flavors they can have. Let us take a look at this perfect match and see how they came together, conquered the earth and established their mark in the culinary arts.

Let us start with the Soup

Soup comes from the French word of Soupe. The French word comes from the Latin word Suppa, which means bread, soaked in broth. The Latin word originated in a German word Sop that also means a piece of bread, used to soak up soup.

In case you didn’t know, soup wasn’t around until primitive men found a way to boil water with waterproof containers. This cooking technique may have started around the year 6,000 BC, when probably were invented pouches made 1out of clay or from animal skins.

Since they knew how to boil water, it isn’t hard to believe that the next step of adding an ingredient was taken, therefore inventing the Soup. Soup was, and still is the choice for many families rich and poor, it is easy to do and serve, nutritious and easily digested.

In the beginning of the eighteenth century, in Paris, the first restaurant to be opened was specialized in serving soup. A highly concentrated soup that before was only sold by street vendors who called it restaurant, from which came the name restaurant. But also all over the world, soup was reigning and gaining many forms and names: French onion, Chinese won ton, Italian minestrone, New England chowder, Russian borscht and Spanish gazpacho, as examples.

In North America, early colonial cooking was dominated by English cooking. As new immigrants arrived, other soups gained popularity. In particular, potato soups were famous in Pennsylvania, where mostly German immigrants lived.

Now let us go to the Potato.

This little fellow is native from South America, specifically from the Andean region, Peru, Ecuador and Chile. The name potato may come from the Indian name of the plant, patata or papa. This still is used today in Spanish speaking countries.

The Spanish Conquistadores arrived in Peru and found that Peruvians would dry the patatas in the sun for later consumption. They could be transformed into flour or eaten as a whole, or boiled to make soup. Pizarro, a Spanish conqueror who died in Peru, distributed potatoes through the many Spanish forts and ships in Central and South America.

Around 1589, the potato was brought to Britain and Ireland, by Sir Walter Raleigh, who gave the potato as a gift to Queen Elizabeth. Potato was to become an important ingredient for Irish culinary. Shortly after these events, the potato was being transported and planted a little bit all over the world. And the easiest way to cook this new found culinary ingredient was to boil it into soups. Starting the history of so many potato soups recipes.

We will add here the recipe for a Potato Soup, German Style.

The ingredients you will need are: one large diced Onion, butter, sliced leeks, two pounds of cut potatoes, crumbled dried leaf thyme, chicken broth, heavy cream, one meaty ham bone, salt and pepper.

The instructions to follow are: sauté the onion on oil until they are golden colored. Add potatoes, leeks, thyme, ham bone and chicken stock; let it all boil. Cover and simmer, check until potatoes are soft. Remove the ham bone. Let the potato cool down, drain a little the mixture and puree it in a food processor. Return to pan and finally add the cream. Let it cook for 2 or 3 more minutes and add salt and pepper. Serve the potato soup hot with croutons and sprinkle shredded cheese.

Now go ahead and indulge yourself. Sit down and relax with the bodily flavors of a potato soup.